Synaptix 1000mg AM Formula


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Synaptix 1000AM is based on the original Synaptix 1000 and has a suite of terpenes and essential oils added. Synaptix 1000AM may help mental alertness and can create an energized and uplifting feeling.  This tincture is suitable for use in the morning and throughout the day.  A suitable starting dosage for women is about ¼ to ½ ml and for men ½ to ¾ ml, taken twice daily.  The dose can be adjusted from there.


Q: Does this product contain THC?
A: No, this product is 100% THC free.

Q: What is CBD Isolate?
A: CBD Isolate is a pure form of Cannabidiol derived from the hemp plant.

Q: What sort of effects can I expect?
A: CBD tends to produce a calm, relaxed feeling throughout the body and mind. Our AM formula may increase feelings of alertness and energy.

The FDA has not evaluated claims regarding this or any Synaptix products, and our products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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