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My name is Marina and I love this Product.

Synaptix PhD CBD Topical Salve and Synaptix PhD CBD Tincture is the best product ever. I suffer from migraine headaches almost every day, also anxiety and very sore neck muscles. For years I’ve tried everything to get relief but nothing’s worked. I decided to try Synaptix CBD topical salve. I couldn’t believe the relief. The pain went away in 5 minutes. I was amazed and happy.

I have been using this salve for 6 weeks now and I feel great, no more headaches or soreness or anxiety. I told my mother about this product, she bought the salve.

My mother had a sore leg, could not lift to bend her knee. She tried it, about 2 hrs later I gave her a call to see if it had made a difference, it had. She was able to lift her leg and bend her knee without pain. She is 84 years old.

Another person that I know had been in a really bad accident about 3 years ago. She has tried all different ways to get help for her pain but again didn’t find relief. I told her about Synaptix. I let her try some of mine at first. In 10 minutes she felt so much better and was able to do things that normally the pain would hinder her from doing. She loved it and also bought the Synaptix salve.

I recommend Synaptix to anybody that has on-going pain. You will not be disappointed.

– Marina

I heard that cbd oil is very effective when it comes to anxiety, migraine and insomnia. At first I was doubtful so I started doing my own research and read articles about CBD. I found out that each cannabis strain has different uses for different diseases. Synaptix CBD oil is very effective when it comes to stress, mild anxiety and insomnia. Thanks.

– Aretha

Fantastic. CBD oil helps me a lot. I suffer from bad temperament and depression. I tested a few different products and eventually found the right one for me. Thanks for the help.

– John D.

For years I was on medication for acid reflux and I went off it due to side effects that I didn’t want, so I just lived with the acid reflux until CBD oil came along. I only took it for the general health benefits and was very pleasantly surprised to find that my acid reflux totally went away.

– Kenny R

I believe the oil has given me the energy that I need to get on with my day. I have found Synaptix CBD oil to be an amazing product. I also had lots of aches and pains that did not allow me to do daily activities until I take the CBD oil then I’m up and moving around. I take the CBD oil faithfully three times a day knowing the effects it has on me. I have referred other friends to you and they are just like me feeling like this product is amazing to the health of ourselves. I will continue taking CBD oil because it makes me feel good all the time. The doctor said whatever I’m doing do not stop it it’s working nicely. Love love love the CBD oil. It’s a winning product all the way around.

– Michelle G